Dot Plots in Tableau

Dot plots are a space efficient way to compare values within one category split by a second category. This post introduces the chart type and provides an example use case.

Intersects Spatial Function

The new INTERSECTS() spatial function, introduced in 2022.4, makes it possible to determine if two spatial objects overlap without needing to perform a spatial join. This post walks through a few examples with points, polygons (buffers) and lines.

Dynamic Zone Visibility Dashboard

This post steps through my approach - and the calculations used - for creating a dashboard that shows different charts based on five different analysis scenarios by using the dynamic zone visibility feature.

Dynamic Zone Visibility

The new Dynamic Zone Visibility feature in version 2022.3 opens up a variety of possibilities for dynamically customising dashboards, showing or hiding charts, filters, images, text, containers and more based on calculations, parameters and the selections of marks.

Travel Planner & Emissions Calculator

This post highlights some of the techniques used in this travel planner dashboard that allows you to draw out two routes on a map, select the methods of transport and then compare them by distance and carbon emissions.

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