Creating Flight Paths in Tableau

Tableau’s MAKEPOINT and MAKELINE spatial functions can be used to draw lines on a map showing flight paths and their origins and destinations. This video tutorial walks through the process step-by-step, including the following:

  • Connecting to flight data from Zenodo 
  • Using MAKEPOINT to create origin and destination spatial points from latitude and longitude fields
  • Creating lines using the origin and destination points using MAKELINE
  • Using the SIZE table calculation to show the total number of flights in view
  • Using DISTANCE to calculate the length of each flight in miles
  • Adding quick filters to show only flights from one country
  • Formatting the map to have a dark background with minimal map features

Note, the source data was cleaned by removing rows where either the origin or destination points were null. Additional fields, including the origin and destination country codes, were also added to the data based on the airport codes.

I hope you find this video tutorial helpful. Feedback is welcome. 


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