Map Layers with Multiple Data Sources

In version 2021.4, map layers were updated to allow each map layer to use a separate data source. This removes the need to create relationships or joins between your spatial files prior to using them in map layers. 

Creating a Three Layer Map

In this video, I cover a brief history of making multiple layer maps in Tableau. I then step through how to use map layers in version 2021.4 to create a three-layer map with polygons, lines and points and also how to use the different map layer options such as:

  • Disable Selection and 
  • Add to Zoom Extent

Video Tutorial

The video also covers some basic map formatting, such as changing the background map and map layers shown in the view.


You can interact with or download the workbook from Tableau Public here.

Feedback Welcome

This is the first video tutorial I’ve made so I’d be grateful for any constructive feedback you have, and also to know if you find these useful; how they could be improved; what other topics you think would be useful to cover; as well as any technical issues you notice (resolution, sound levels, speed etc.). Feel free to DM me on Twitter. Thank you!

As always, thanks for reading… (and watching!)

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