Dynamic Zone Visibility

The new Dynamic Zone Visibility feature in version 2022.3 opens up a variety of possibilities for dynamically customising dashboards, showing or hiding charts, filters, images, text, containers and more based on calculations, parameters and the selections of marks.

Travel Planner & Emissions Calculator

This post highlights some of the techniques used in this travel planner dashboard that allows you to draw out two routes on a map, select the methods of transport and then compare them by distance and carbon emissions.

Resizing Marks on a Dashboard

Needing to switch back to a sheet to use the size slider is not always ideal for making fine grained size adjustments on dashboards. This tip shows how you can use a parameter directly on a dashboard instead.

Area Spatial Function

Version 2021.2 sees the introduction of a new spatial function: Area. This blog and workbook include a few examples along with a couple of cautionary notes.

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